Hi tech home cooking versus bush cooking - a culinary adventure around Britain, featuring the finest local produce, but who can create the tastiest meal?

Jay lives on a narrow boat and in his perfect world would cook everything over an open fire, preferably finding some of the ingredients outside too. His main piece of equipment is a bushcraft knife, which he uses to split kindling before using it to chop vegetables.

Phil (currently appearing in ‘Britain’s Best Dish’) is a gadget freak, his hi-tech kitchen appliances would have the marketing men at John Lewis drooling. He loves recipe design and using the best regional and seasonal produce.

They both love food and eating, they just don’t agree on the best way to create the dish.

Jay has always been a Scout and Scout leader, and promotes traditional Scouting skills passionately. His grown up children and some of his Scouts affectionately tell him he’s weird. He accepts the compliment saying “well I’d hate to be ordinary”.

Phil isn’t ordinary either – his day job is inspiring and training clients to be better leaders but, not too secretly, his real ambition is to be a celebrity cook and author. The kitchen is his domain and Jane, his long suffering wife, knows that her role is to enjoy the fruits of his labours.

He definitely doesn’t do camping, and for him outdoor cooking means firing up the gas (aargh!) barbecue on a blissful summer evening. You can imagine what would happen if Jay suggested that Phil used his favourite, very expensive chef’s knife to chop a piece of wood. Both men are in their 50’s, are up for a challenge and enjoy the good things in life – but seldom agree on what the good things are.

So the challenge is that anything Phil can create in his state of the art kitchen, Jay can deliver tasting just as good – if not better – cooked in the open air, with not an electronic gadget in sight. Over a quarter of the world’s population don’t have access to electricity or gas for cooking, and Jay’s solutions will reflect some of the best traditional wood fire skills from around the world.

is it OK
Lovely mess!
..and finally - tasting


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